Best places to ride around London?

I’m guessing this might have come up before but as I’m new to here and London I have to ask. Where’s the best places to ride around London?

By that I mean either within London itself and other areas that are of interest not too far away.

My favourite types of places to ride are deserted A roads with plenty of bends, not much of a cruiser as I ride a fazer and it’s not that comfortable for big long treks. As little traffic as possible is always best for me.

Not familiar with the Southeast of England at all but I’ve been to Camber Sands last year and the roads around that way looked pretty nice.

depends a little where you live in london, there are pretty good roads in all directions, basically looking at around a 30/45 mins journey before you hit the good stuff…

North West - Aylesbury and out that way are all good - see the route for the St George’s day ride in the rideouts forum :slight_smile:

South West - Deepcut and Purbright areas are good.

South - Routes to brighton via south downs, A128 I think… :slight_smile:

South East, route down to hastings is nice, and Kent has some fantastic roads.

North East - Fitchenfield and the essex B roads round there to Haverhill are all fantastic twisties…

I look at maps and pick the orange twisty ones, tend to do alright with them :slight_smile: