Best Place to Pass your DAS in NE London


I know there have been a few threads on this topic but i couldn’t see any recent posts.

So if anyone has any recent experience in passing their DAS in E/ NE London i’d love to hear from you,   recommendations or places to avoid,  its all helpful…

Thanks - Ed

Is Basildon too far for you? Because I would highly recommend ART.

I think Basildon is a bit far, i’m in N16  so was hoping for something fairly local,

ART are ok
Basildon testers are wankers

I really enjoyed my sessions with ART.  Also I heard a hell of a lot about the Basildon testers, and I got the woman (forget her name).

On Mod 1 she was fine and I had a bit of banter with her, but on my mod 2, it was the day when half the world was flooded and I thought it was going to get called off.

It didnt, and not only that, but she took me down the worst country lanes which we all badly flooded.  Meant 100% concentration, and getting soaked through, but ended up getting through with one minor…

Are you after a school or somewhere to ride the layout on your own bike?

Just been doing this, and found the sainsburys on the a10 near the test center had space, but that only worked for the low speed stuff. We looked around that business Park, there’s enough car parks that one should have space at some point

My sons just used stadium rider training @ IKEA carpark in N18  they were very helpful  I paid for his CBT and they called him back FOC for some extra help on the road (should have been an extra £60.00).  They couldn’t have been more helpful 020 8531 5678

Run by some former LB members

+1 for fasttrak. Keith and the crew are great guys. I did my CBT and DAS there and so did my Girl. Great price and good teaching.

Thanks for the advice chaps, I have a few to check out now which is great.

I did a ride assessment with Keith at Fast track a few years ago.  Hang on, I was on my GPX750R at the time, so it must have been in 2003 or very early 2004. 

I trained with Premier Rider Training (PRT) in Wembley and they were great. They use the Wembley car park for Mod 1 practice so you can do a full run through.

Premier Rider Training