Best place to go lid shopping??

Can anyone recommend a good shop to find a good range of mid priced lids.

My GF wants to buy her first lid, we’ve been to J&S in Greenwich and she wasn’t that keen on any of them so now I have to take her somewhere else, lol. Maybe she just likes going shopping txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’;)’);

Any suggestions welcome, I am based in South London. Thanks

Hein Gericke - Welling or Stockwell

Metropolis - Greenwich or Vauxhall

Infinity - Clapham

Does she not like the fit, or is it the colours & design she has objected to so far?

AyeGee’s , welling corner do a good range , but not cheap

I’ve just bought a new one for my missus today, we went to about 10 places, it was unbeliveable - eventually I told her to pick one at george white in the city as I had a £90 credit note, but the hein gerike in stockwell had a good selection and i know that when i went out to swindon last, the george white mega centre there had loads of helmets…

If it is style GirlsBike2 (Dorking - open Sunday) have a small range of helmets aimed at girls, and are likely to have more smaller sizes as well I would expect.

Talk about indecisive. We went to Hein Gericke, Metropolis and back to J&S and still no joy! The GF has decided that she likes Arai lids, esp the St Georges Cross one. I wish I could afford to get her it, but I haven;t even got an Arai myself, lol ;). FOrtunately the XS Arai didn’t fit and they had no XXS in to try, phew :wink:
One good thing came from it though and that was I learnt how to ensure a proper fit on someone else’s head. I know what a lid should feel like on my head but trying to explain that to someone who has never worn one before is very, very difficult. Thanks Loui from Hein Gericke :slight_smile:
So a couple of other places to try still but I like the sound of Girls Bike too as long as it’s not all pink and stuff she’s not a great fan of pink stuff, lol. Thanks for all the input so far :slight_smile:

They do do pink, but other stuff as well!