Best place in North London for a belt change on Ducati

Sorry I have not been around for a while but I’ve just moved back to Norf London (Harrow area) and I need to get my belts changed on my Duke 749 soon, as they are a bit overdue… Does anyone know of any decent trustworthy mechs who can do this without having to travel miles out of town…?? Ducati UK are recommending Metropolis, but after reading some of the horror stories in name n’ shame I dont think i’ll be taking her there…


try ray at rosso corsa …google them there in e2

You could always try Lloyd Cooper in Watford, or if you’re prepared to pop around the M25, John’s Motorcycle Service in Barnet is a good place. Not a specialist Italian place or 'owt (experienced Honda mechanic), but John knows his way around a bike. :slight_smile: