Best Place for DAS Test in London

Despite being the big man’s missus… I am getting in to this a mere ten years after Jay took his test. As much as I respect his experiences, a lot changes in ten years! :wink:

If anyone has any recommendations for places in London that run particularly good/successful DAS tests I would be very grateful for the insider info. Preferably East London, but I’ll travel to where is best ultimately.

Go LB :slight_smile:


Jay could teach the art of GSX-R bending :hehe: , but the best school I know of to learn DAS is Cam Rider in Hendon.

Ask for Richard Lydford and tell him Eugene sent you. He’ll probably be shocked to hear that I’m still alive, but nevertheless… :laugh:
0800 387 198

Hi Mrs Jay, I did mine years ago down in Wimbledon with ‘Advantage’. Very friendly and female instructors too. Good bunch.

I’m sure there must be more recent peeps will give you some more uptodate info about some decent schools.

Thanks Afro… and Jay said ‘oi - he’s into BMW bending these days!’

Wimbledon is a bit of a stretch from Hackney - but I’ll bear it in mind… thanks!

im in bromley if its not to far but im booked until mid october only 2 people on a course at a time we all use the erith test centre for mod 1 as its the only one around

good luck

Did mine with Richard at Camrider also , very good !

Ultimate Rider Training in Shepperton, ask for Mark and tell him PJ sent you along.