best of a normal day

cool video, can’t believe how stupid the people on youtube are!! “how many takes did that one take?”… can they not see the totally unatural flight everything takes!!!

yeah man the video is dropping samples all over the shop

still looks pretty amazing though!

there’s a lot of reversed footage in those clips too…

met these guys last Friday and did some filming with them!

You wouldn’t believe how, what appears to be a quite interesting pair guys, coiuld turn out to be such unbelievably boring people…

German students, training to be accountants, and they live at home with their mums… I really had to work HARD to get an interesting sentence out of either of them, which is surprising considering the vids and music suggest a cooler more interesting demeanour…

I guess the moral of the story isn’t “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but more like “German accoutants REALLY ARE the most boring people in the world, no matter how they dress themselves up with clever editing, musical scores and video tricks!”

typical Germans, after the war, they lost all sense of humour…:smiley: