Best number plates

On my way home on the A12, at Stratford
“A12 DOA”

And then
“DSS 1”

Made me chuckle…

Saw GO11 PUB the other day and had a smile about it.

As a lad a pink Jag used to loiter around Walthamstow, I think the owner had some interest in a carpet shop down the market. Anyway the reg plate was 505 EXY

“Carpet shop” = “brothel”?

Anything starting with R6 is awesome.

Anybody want to buy one?

"Carpet shop" = "brothel"? Von
No,no, no get your mind out of the gutter. This carpet shop sold proper rugs of the Axminster and Wilton variety with the occasional offering from Persia before it became Iran

I saw a Range Rover this afternoon on the A3 with the plate “RR 5EXY”. I pointed this out to the wife as we approached it and as we drew level we both had to have look to see who would have the balls to have such a plate - Apparently ugly middle aged women do…

So likely not a honda sports bike owner?

Lol,my number plate is 5 exy, true fact :slight_smile:

Does 34 constitute as middle aged these days?

That is an awesome numberplate

Last year, I nearly bought MA57 ERM.  Geddit?


Best plate= 5"x 7"

There used to be a hairdresser near us who drove a wee soft top, always wore pink shirts and whose number plate was

Always been one that stands out onthe start to embankment

Have been on a array of top end motors

Seen on FB ‘AR53 OLE’ on a police car

Tim that pic youve posted, I remember that guy used to own a little jap car…

Nissan Pulsar GTiR… used to see it every week but agreed they stand out.

I’ll get a picture of mine but later on, think mine beats that

There was a porn star (whose name I cannot remember) but was in her prime in the 70’s and early 80’s

Well before everything became very PC, she had FUK 1T

There was also a Doctor in my area who had DR S1C

Both still make me chuckle to this day.

Just followed a car S33N YU.