best lace for exhaust brackets?

oops :blush: seem to have left my exhaust behind this morning :stuck_out_tongue: was riding along and suddenly everything got a lot louder! :stuck_out_tongue: stopped to check the exhaust and it had vanished :lol:

managed to recover it from the middle of the road and reattach it with bunjee straps :stuck_out_tongue: but the bracket has completely sheared off :o

any idea where i can get one of these from in a hurry please? :slight_smile: need it for sat!!


Getting a bit late now and no idea what bike it’s for, but may be worth giving wemoto a call?

How those bungees didn’t melt I don’t know…

sorry - Honda CBR600FV 1997 (F3)

bungees didnt melt because they werent clipped on anything that got hot :stuck_out_tongue:

will try them cheers :slight_smile:

pm powerpuff girl, her partner makes custom exhaust systems…failing that get a better bike :stuck_out_tongue: lol

oops i wouldn’t ride it with the cords as the exhaust can melt the fibers, having said that i rode from fulham to stevenage in a similar manner and survived. just had mark (PPG other half) laugh at me when i got there.

looks liek they done the job to me!

curtis…you can talk! get a better bike!>? yours is the original ‘im a friday bike…i dont want to work today’:D:P

Normally I’d say contact the manufacturers, but this appears to be a Micron & they went bust last year.

But it’s only a bent bit of steel with some holes drilled in it, so as you’ve got a template you should be able to knock up a functional if not pretty one yourself easily enough, or get someone to do it for you.

I have a headlight bracket that looks similar to the bracket on that micron. what area are you in?

Franco’s Garage, Brazilian run shop behind the Suzuki Spares shop on the Harrow Road, Have fitted me and a few mates with exhaust brackets for about £10.