I’ve seen a TL1000 that Im really interested in . . . BUT . . . So far, TPFT insurance quotes are coming in around £450 - £500 Cos I’ve lost my NCB :o(

Any recommendations???

I’m with H&R, they quoted me couple of hundred quid less than any other I could find.


ebike were best for me with no NCB.

express insurance is the cheapest i found

I’m currently looking to renew my insurance and the best so far are H&R, Express and Riders Choice. Difference of about £1000 between these three and seven or eight others…

I’ve been with Devitts for the past couple of years. They’ve been hundreds cheaper than any other firm for me.

johnny you should have asked me last night try phoning a compony called vauntage insurance brokers in birmingham,i use them but dont know there number off hand they are normerlly cheap mate.

they were cheaper than c.nash,and express i was with both of these before

I think the moral of the story here is to get the names of 10 or 12 different insurers and ring them all! I’ve found that individual insurers’ prices depend entirely on your circumstances… A couple of brokers I called said that only two underwriters would insure an ungaraged bike in my postcode (NW6) for theft, if it was worth more than £2000!

Rusty - you mentioned Devitts have always been competitive? They quoted me £1200 TPFT and wouldn’t even quote fully comp, in stark contrast express quoted just under a grand fully comp!!

Jonny-zero, just write down a dozen numbers from the back of PB or similar and start dialling…