Best I introduce myself first


Just joined this forum,having seen it plastered all across Jimc’s t shirt at the Ace today.I have known Jim for 3 or 4 years now thru the maxi scooter forums,only things to say about him is he is a dam fine fella and likes the liquid gold as i’ve found out when we have had our weekends away.

Now back to me,been biking about 8/9 years now,always liked bikes but never had the spare dosh to get one,even when i lived at home my Dad would’nt sign the hp agreement to allow me to get a yammy FS1E,proberly because he thought i would be as mad as him,a right old tearaway biker in his youth,the busy bee was his stamping ground and his fav bike was his Black Shadow .

The name is Steve and i live in Kings Langley,first machine was a Honda 50,slightly more powerful than my lawnmower,got a Piaggio X9 125cc,done my test(restricted) got a 250 X9,done my DAS,flogged the 250 and brought a Yamaha 650 Dragstar(nice cruiser).Then i really got bit by the bug,had test ride on a Harley Sporster 1200,a week later i went out on a Road King and that was it,ordered myself a new one as soon as i walked back in to the showroom.I have been down to Bluith Wells in Sth Wales to the Harley Davidson riders edge,to try all the different Harleys and get riding tips from the guys down there,a great weekend that was.

I found that i was riding the harley in some read bad weather and causing myself lots of extra work cleaning and polishing all that chrome,so i got another X9 250 to run alongside the Hog and upgraded that to a 500cc X9 last year.

I am a postal worker for 28 years(Boy that does make me feel old)

Right thats all your getting for now

Regards Steve

Heh, welcome Rocket. Can you make the newbie night Monday April 2nd? You can meet some of the fellow nutters in RL.


I’ll think about that one,where and what time…i’ll be at the Ace saturday for brekkie and on the Easter Egg run Sunday,so will chat with you then.


Hello Steve!

Hi Steve mate and welcome aboard. Good to hear from you it`s been awhile.

Am I allowed in this scooter thread?

Well I feel I already know you after that intro

Hope to see you at a Newbie meet if not before the Learner Legal ride

your only jelous Grim mate.


hiya n welcome

sj x