Best Ground Anchor

So, new house in Lewes will have a garage! Integral one at that - I love townhouses. :smiley:

What’s the best ground anchor I can get and how hard/easy is it to fit? And what tools will I need? Or shall I just bribe someone with tea and cake?

Ta in advance.

Employ Puppy to do it:

Ta. Perfect… will contact Puppy :smiley:

I put a Hardie Secure Ground Anchor into my garage about a month ago. I bought it with a chain from Almax

It was much simpler to fit, though still hard work to drill through my garage floor. Its bloody solid, there’s no way that it coming out of the ground without a lot of noise and effort.

I put mine near the wall as I use my garage as a workshop and for storage as well. It spins so is easier to feed the chain through, its a chain that comes with me to secure the bike when i’m leaving it somewhere

Very happy with it

one of these -

it took me about 30 minutes due to all the stones in my concrete floor, and a whole load of sweat, but that just gives me more comfort that its secure!

I bought a Y-anchor and like it.

hmm im tempted to get one but cant help but think they dont look all that sturdy…

i’m a big fan of way over engineering things, and the sizes of steel they use dont look all that big, or is it pretty big in reality?

got an image in my head of making something insane that could double as an anvil :hehe:

i got anchorman to fit mine, think he is on The London Bikers too :-p i know i shouldnt swear:D

Just lock the garage door.:smiley:

So coffee next time we pass through Lewes.:slight_smile:


i like that it’s flush to the garage floor.

Installed but as yet untested:


I’ve never heard of a ground anchor failing it’s usually the lock. Fit a Garage Defender

if got a townhouse and get to garage from inside secure the garage door from the inside.

Best ground anchor is one with the swivel top. Stops some theiving scumbag putting a metal bar in there and twisting it rounf until it snaps off