Best glue for fairing repair?

Not sure if I should use super glue, araldite, impact adhesive, plastic cement…

Bought a nose cone for my project ninja but it’s got a nice big crack in it right across, so the two halves open up apart from each other…
Not concerned about the finish as I’ll be sanding it down and respraying anyway…


I would drill any cracks and go for fiberglassing it so it had some strength to the repair .

How do you mean drill the crack? it’s a straight split between two sections. Fibreglass kit sounds good though, cheers

If there are any cracks you drill a hole right at the end of the tip of the crack ( I am glad this forum doesn’t have an out of context thread :blink:) ) this helps stops the crack creeping further .

Ahh right i get it now… Too much talk about cracks was making me feel a bit sick…

Glue? no, doesn’t really work that well on ABS. You can weld it or use Plastex instead.

wot i use to do was melt the 2 sides of the crack together on the inside of the fairing.

use sikaflex 292

just fibreglassed the cracks on my zxr fairing on the inside and will smooth the outside with bit of filler jobs a good un…then respray it :slight_smile:

We just use a soldering iron to melt the 2 halves of the panel back together (on the inside!) and that gives for a very strong connection again.

Fibre glass is too ridged it’ll just crack again. Use a soldering iron to melt the inside. I even put the iron straight through the panel to make holes in the crack. This give is complete penetration through the crack (ooooh err mrs) as its being resprayed I’d work on it on both sides of the crack.

If you have any spare bits of fairing plastic melt those down to build up the repair then sand and fill. This will give you a flexible repair that will hold out until your smack it of course.

i’ve seen it doing it with melting plastic coat hangers to feed the crack with new plastic, it looks like a farly easy job to do.

Fiber glass rigid .?? Your doing it wrong . We use fiber glass in many applications for its flexibility and resistance to cracking .

Another vote for this. I have done loads of fairing repairs with it. There is a rumour that it is actually a very commonly available solvent and hard nylon powder, but you would need a serious hobby in chemistry to recreate. Just buy the stuff from them. And buy the bigger kits. It is surprising how much you need to make it good, and how many other jobs you spot later on.

plastic welding all the way if its just a straight crack. anything else will look messy as fook. if you have any of the old fairing, it can be used as a filler rod when cut into strips. easily done with a high power soldering iron

+1 for Plastex. Just repaired a missing section in my fairing where the indicator had snapped a piece off. Very easy and cost effective to boot.

I tried making my own with ABS shavings and ABS cement but it didn’t quite work out for some reason.

I reinforced it with wire mesh (bough from Halfrauds) on the rear of the fairing, initially held in place with masking tape, which then peels off when the plastex sets.

I used this as a guide :

Just make sure your workspace is adequately ventilated!

Thanks very much for all the suggestions :slight_smile:

I’m going to try the soldering method. If that fails then I’ll get hold of some Plastex or similar and have a go with that…