Best Fails of 2009

Yep … epic fails!

hahaha, excellent

hAhaha that was quite funny :smiley:

Oh boy! There were some really painful ones in there!!! And some incredibly stupid ones. Proper Darwin Award candidates :slight_smile:

I love the round-house kick to the criminal :slight_smile:

love the end one but it works better if you’ve seen the full version :smiley:

Epic, there are some really dumb motherfuckers on that compilation! :smiley:

being a gravediger ive seen some of the undretakers take a fall

never liek that

Enjoyed that.:smiley:

Ha ha ha, there’s some great ones in there, some damn painful ones too but some of those dumb bar stewards really deserved it! :smiley:

who thought it would be a good idea to stick a firework up their a55?!

The funeral one was truly cringe-worthy. I can’t even imagine how horrifying it must be to see the casket fall like that! What if it had opened!!! Oh boy…

I for one hadn’t realised that there was so much fail in 2009. Very funny :smiley: