Best ever LB vid?

Damn fine job Sir K!

Hats off mate! That was a cracking video! :wink:

Loving the Beasty Boys “Sabotage” soundtrack as well. Fitted the video perfectly! :slight_smile:

Nice work steve, was I there:crying:

I am in the same boat mate! I might have to check through the 3 hours of footage and see if I passed a shop window at any time lol :smiley:

And no worries Garret, I was thinking about where I would post it. You saved me the fretting about it now :slight_smile:

coolio! I have so much footage from the rideout but I have to chop it as it’s too long for youtube and I don’t know how to do it cause I’m a dumbass :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaime, you were using the Go Pro HD? if so and you running anything less then Win7 with the latest version of MovieMaker you will need to convert the files as they don’t do MP4 files in earlier versions of MovieMaker, the latest version can use them.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro as it is a bit more powerful.

I’ll try to get the latest version. What would I convert them to if I use the version that came with Vista?

.avi would do or plain .mpg files. You can find some free converters online with a simple search.

Is there no footage of you standing in front of the cam like when you first switched it on Kaos?
Damn shame if you ain’t in it!:w00t:
But well done sir;)

That was a superb video!

Can we do another rideout just for me since I couldn’t go please???! :hehe:

Great stuff!

You did mis-label MacP as BlueLagos though :smiley:

Sure neither of them will mind :wink:

lol oops! :smiley:

Didn’t spot you PJ - but then again, I didn’t spot me either!!! Kevsta made an appearance, but that was before I had jumped on the back! :crying:

But I have to say, what a fantastic video. A brilliant reminder of what was such a fantastic day. :P:hehe:

Yeah so sorry about that! I did mention that I was gutted after going through 3 hours of footage that I didn’t have any pics of you on the back of kevsta :frowning:

It got difficult to get any footage once we were in the lanes, as there were not many overtaking opportunities.

Just pulling your leg Steve, great work all the same and a fitting vid of the day.

Cool vid, well done! And nicely alphabetically arranged :slight_smile:

Very good work Kaos:)

thats really spot on :slight_smile:

Top work Kaos!

Great Vid, shame me and lewis couldnt be there, timing sucks eh? :slight_smile: