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Best electric motor bike …

Hello there English guy living in the Netherlands What do you think is one of the best electric motor bikes to get I all ready have a Pegasus electric cycle.

Welcome to LB.

There are lots of good ones on the market but it will come down ultimately to what you want out of it.

Interestingly there is a up coming brand which I think is based in the Netherlands which offers great range and looks good. I’ll see if I can find the article.

I’m actually hoping they’ll come to the UK if what they are reporting on there numbers are true.

Hello @Ocean12 (interesting name. Are you a water man, or a fan of old 8bit computer games?),

The established brands with the longest proven ranges are:

Clearly though, they’re not bikes for the masses (£££).

There’s a lot of innovation happening in the small, commuter bike space though. Need to dig out some names…

The best motorcycle, EV or petrol, is the one you’re riding :wink:

If I was looking at spending my hard earned money on an electric motorcycle, I’d be checking out the manufacturers 2025 model ranges…

Hi jay Thanks for getting back well yes that looks very interesting for sure Tahnk you

Hi Thanks for that info things changing so fast though hard to keep up Thanking you for your reply

This is true…. but always want better and like things to evolve
Thanks for getting back