Best deals on Piaggio NRG water cooled????

Looking at Piaggio NRG-DD water cooled, best price so far is 1749 new + TPFT insurance for 149 pound, does anyone know of a better deal or a bloody good second hand model for sale?

Any other advice on these style of bikes would help.

What to look out for? pros and cons.

Deresricting them?


Most reliable? Are they all knackered after one year?

to be honest the depriciation on a new 50cc scooter is abit of a joke, i would personally recommend buying a second hand bike with low milage and 1 previous owner etc and saving yourself £500?

i own an older model Piaggio NRG (2002) and still beleave that it is the best 50cc sports scooter avaliable when you consider handling and performance etc.

realiabilty wise its a piaggio, will run for miles + miles with minimal work needed other than service parts (drive belts + rollers).
I know of 50cc bikes with have covered 20,000+miles and still running standard crank + bearings, now when you consider these bikes are full throttle allday long, thats quite an achievement you’ve got to remember they’ve been making these bikes for a long time now.

de-restriction is a 20 minute job with i will quite happily walk you through it if needed?

any info you need you should be able to find on here
(if thats ok with admin?)


What Stevo said :wink:

If you want advice on new, ask Oggy on here, he works at a Piaggio dealer :slight_smile:

as said in the previous posts, dont waste your money on a new one. i bought an 05 nrg water cooled with just over 2k on the clock in January 2007 for £500 on ebay and it was brilliant apart from a few minor scuffs which were easily repaired. If possible go for the lowest mileage and preferably, restricted one and either go to the dealer to deristrict or do it yourself as being limited to 30mph is not much fun and actually pretty dangerous in London imho.

cracking scoot and handling is very good. unfortunately you have picked the wrong time of year to buy as no one sells when summer arrives.Come December-February there are loads for sale. good luckforgot to mention that they are one of the most stolen scoots (next to the gilera) and if your parking it outside then you better invest in some security.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep looking, got to be second hand, as you say first year depreciation is huge.

Got a Piaggio NRG in red, one happy son, just gotta do the CBT and then he’s on the road.

Thanks again for the advice.

How do you deristrict these bikes, is it a simple task, anyone got some idiots guide pics, local shop want 120 pound, he’s having a laugh.

£120? pfffft

Washer in the variator, roughly a cm in lenght (similar to a spacer) is used to stop the variator opening to its full height (i.e reducing speed)

12 or so transmission cover bolts come off

on the left you’ll see the variator, on the right you’ll see the clutch/bell
(both held on buy single nuts)
simply undo the variator side nut
(ideally you need a locking tool which i will happily loan you? or something like a impact wrench will work fine)
and the fan plate will slide off, followed by toothed plate etc.

then you simply slide the restrictor off the crankshaft and slide the plates back on (making sure the belt hasn’t jumped out of the clutch, the belt will sit slack between the plates) and you tighten the nut back up.

transmission cover back on and your done.

Exhaust restriction, to meet all this euro restriction crap. the exhaust will have a restriction in the downpipe section off the exhaust and depending on the year will have the SAS system fitted (another pipe running off the exhaust back towards a black box on top the engine, recirculation system)

so exhaust is held on by two nuts on the cylinder and two bolts onto the engine case, simply losen these four off and the exhaust comes off.

when you look down through the pipe you will see a sort of cone in the pipe (the restriction) this needs to be taken out, upto you how you do it (a dremmel would speed it up alot).

if the bike has the SAS system, PM me and i’ll walk you through how to remove that properly.

again to meet all this euro rubbish, out of the factory the bikes run as lean as they can safely, so the carburettor needs upjetting.

the carb is attached the the rubber manifold and to the air box usually by jubilee clips, simply loosen these so the you can detach the carb and turn it on its side (all fuel lines etc can stay on)

when on its side you will see the float bowl, held on by a bolt (bolt might not be there depending on model of carb) and two screws, loosen this off and fuel will poor out, 200ml maybe.
directly in the middle of the carb will be the main jet (gold in colour and the biggest) that will need to be changed to a slightly bigger size
(off the top of my head i cant remember standard size but i will find out and let you know)
then all back together.

free to enjoy the 45ish mph as 30mph really isnt safe on uk roads


standard size should be a 53, a 56 jet would be a safe bet to change to (6mm jet btw) :wink:

Thanks for the advice, I will be in contact If I get any problems.

Deppens how much you want to spend

The bike shops charge that alot of money and all they do is cut the exhaust open take the baffles out and weld it back up.

The way i did mine was put a 70cc polini light weight barrel and piston on (not cheap) change the exhaust (lighter and has a bigger expansion chamber) polini 4.5 rollors , polini blue clutch springs , new polini air filter , up-jetted the carb , changed the standard reeds to race ones (came with the polini barrel and piston). You can go to extreme lengths on tuning scooters but you need a fat wallet so really its just not worth the hassle you might aswell save the money and put it to a 125 next year.