Best Dakar Photos i have ever see 2010

Hello dont know if you have this insane photos, but i have to put here the link.

Sorry about my poor english:(

Some amazing pics there!! What a beautiful part of the world, bit dangerous to go watch though!!

No need to say sorry for your english, better than a lot of people who were born here lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Tugabiker :smiley:

Those photos were amazing :smiley:

Awesome photos.

:cool: my fav’s pic 12 :w00t:

some amazing photos there

Amazing! wish i had a chance to go out there - taking photos mainly! it must be such an awsome event to be at…

Cracking pictures…:smiley:

I guess the girl in picture#8 doesn’t like the French…:wink:

Lol, I saw that too, why cheer when someone’s come off!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep looking at these pics, they really are awesome, although it must be a massive challenge I bet it loads of fun to take part in :w00t:

I love pic 26 thats what i want to do… be in a helicopter how cool:cool:

You sure Wasp, see pic 26!! :ermm:

lool gotta feel sorry for the guy in 22 he obviously drew the short straw :smiley: Some really beautiful pics, shame so many people got hurt

Great photos eh… I love the Big Picture part of I’m always checking it out.

Yeah that one lol was busy talking to someone else about pic 18 whilst typing:pinch:

So how would one go about if they wanted to be a driver/ride in the Dakar? Just wondering.

Just apply via the main website… but u need a massive amount of cash and or sponsors

Przygonski is no.8 :smiley: