Best commuting scooter?

Even though I told her I couldn’t be seen with her, my pal wants to buy a scooter to commute from home to work and uni. She’s fairly short (5’1) and petite so needs something to accommodate her but also something reliable. She likes the retro look of Buddy but I don’t really know anything about them. She hates sporty styles and is the type to get her scooter in pink with a matching lid :Whistling:

What do you guys recommend…? And is there a showroom somewhere I can take her to see some in the flesh local…?

There’s usually a load of 2nd hand scooters outside metropolis at vauxhall if she wants to browse

And then you can walk inside and convince her to buy a Ducati Hypermotard instead :wink:

How about a Vespa? They are by far the prettiest and coolest scooters around. I can recommend Scootech, decent selection of different scooters and helpful staff. Bought my Vespa from there a few years ago. Still miss her after getting a big bike :crying:

X 2, the little vespa are cool. With a momo open face in the summer :cool: great for getting around london

pop into two wheels ahead in croydon to have alook at them they normally have the good scooters in ther ebut do not but from there from what iv heard and been told theres some dodgyness goes on in there but id say for comunting and for a smallish girl a zip there cheap and parts are evrywer can allso look at the dna’s there twise and go easy to learn on as they dont have gears but look better then scooters and are better to be seen with haha this is a pink one haha but only 50cc so this one would be ideal

If she gets a vespa and she’s going to be parking it in town, it’s worth considering the metal protector bars to stop the bodywork getting scratched when people jam in next to it in bike bays. It’s not cheap but Vespas are expensive anyway and it’ll stop it getting scruffy so probably saves money when you come to sell.

I couldn’t justify the additional cost of a vespa over a japanese scooter, but then I’m not the type to buy a pink scooter & matching helmet :Whistling::blink:

I didn’t think much of scooters until I had one as a coutesy bike and rode it for 5 minutes. They are a riot around town. I think the Italian ones are the most stylish, and the Japanese are more reliable. To be honest though there is not much to them so they should not pose any major problems.

My GF is bit of a shortie too so I tried to get her on a scooter.
The best picks were Honda Lead because it has a nice low seat height and enough space under the seat to accommodate a fullface helmet.
The other is the Piaggio Zip. Very dinky and lightweight.

Both very reliable.
My mate has totally abused his Zip 100 ignoring services and crashing it a few times but it still pulls strong… I had a go!

Just make sure she gets a 125 or at least a 100 and doesn’t go for the cheapo option of a 50. The 50s are seriously underpowered.

For a first scooter she should get an old Zip/Vespa/Fly/Lead. There is not much to go wrong with any of them that can’t be fixed cheap. It will get scratched and possibly dropped, so the cheaper the better as long as it runs.

I used to have a yamaha cygnus x and the storage was huge. I could probably fit 2 full face helmets under the set if I had a smaller head.

It seemed pretty nippy away from the lights compared to a lot of the 125cc scooters too. If I had the space, I’d have kept it for day to day.

Not exactly stylish compared to the vespas but that didn’t really bother me.

– Yamaha Vity 125 cc nippy and light weight this is a fantastic scooter for the money.

You can get a brand new one(new reg) with 12 months RAC breakdown cover, 2 yrs warranty, 12 months road tax.

Contact me [email protected] for deatils.

Vespa Et4. There are millions out there. They cost peanuts, are reliable and made of steel so they won’t disintegrate the first time she drops it.

@ Vespisti - Her mate turned out to be here and she got a DNA.

Nope, my friend still wants a scooter.

Piaggio Liberty 125cc Elle

My mum just bought one of these in pink. :pinch:

Yet you sold you BIKE for a scooter.

I didn’t sell my bike, and have no intention to.

You would think I went and slapped their Mum’s the way everyone gets so offended when I tell them I’ve got a DNA :blink:

I know someone selling an old series 1 lambretta

Its been suped up to have 218cc, super light, and it comes with a load of parts!

He wants £1500 for it.
PM for his info


a dna is a bike just cos its a auto does not make it a scooter.

is the photo below a motorbike or a scooter?