Best communication system

Is it Scala Rider? Is G4 the best or would you go for G9? What do you look for in these things? Anyone has one and can share experience?

G4 better than G9 at the price. I’ve been told that soon the G4 can be upgraded with G9 bits.

Try the Sena SMH10. I’ve been doing loads of internet based research on the various products and the Sena seems best. (I want bike to bike coms)

I have a G4.

The G9 allows you to connect to 8 others.
I only know 3 people who own a scala rider. Who needs to connect to 8?

I got two G9’s for me and the wife, we find them great but then we have not used any of the others.

I convinced a friend to also get one and we don’t leave home without them whenever we ride together, it makes for a far more enjoyable ride. Its safer too being able to tell each other directions and what/who to watch out for.

Of course it can be a distraction too, especially when your mate spots some hot stuff which leaves you spinning left and right trying to figure out where he’s looking :Whistling:

just get the scala Q2 no need for the g4 at that price

Ok the Sena looks great. But I don’t suppose I would be able to connect to Scala through that?

Sign language…

Benefits: No batteries, no interference, no crackling; Cost efficient.

Downsides: No throttle control, no front breaking, no clutch control, overall control of motorcycle diminshed somewhat; Possible death.

G9 review:

And many others down the side on the same link.

I’m looking at a Starcom1. OK you have to wire it in, but why would you get an aerodynamic helmet and then stick a large box on the side?

Depending on budget there is big choice. I’ve got G9 and did one big trip to portugal with 2 friends using G4’s. Very happy overall with my one. Battery lasted all day every day; clear sound, bluetooth connection to iphone so had my calls, music and satnav when needed.

I’ve got an Interphone F5.

Brilliant ! If you want you can also get a handlebar controller for it.