Best biking roads

Anyone used this website: ? Has an app that can be downloaded too. I was looking for a decent ride from Watford/Hemel to anywhere, about an hour or so each way? Anyone?

Surely any road out of Watford is good ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s handy for pointers, but there’s huge variation in standards among its contributors, so it’s still worth actually checking the route out.

It’s a bit over rated.

Its pants, routes are colour coded red = excellent, blue = good, purple = other recommended routes.

Why are there no excellent biking roads in Essex?
How can a 25 mile section of the M11 be classified as a good biking road?
What are all those good biking roads inside the M25?
If purple routes are neither excellent nor good why are they included?

Get yourself a proper paper map and check out some of your local B roads.

Like John said you’ll get the best results using a map and a highlighter. One of the biggest issues with sites like these and even routes from magazines is that what constitutes a good route is very subjective. The A272 is touted as a fantastic biking road when it is far from it.

Yeah, the thing with BBR is that lots of the roads are actually routes, so there might be 25 miles of really good road in a 100 mile loop, and it’ll highlight the 75 miles of 40mph dual carriageway as good. Also the UI is irritating as shit.

I tend to use OS maps (which you can get in Bing Maps) to find likely-looking good roads and Google Streetview to check them, but BBR is sometimes handy for a shortlist of ones to look at first, especially in a new area.