Best bike for the job?

Its always been a big debate on the corner of Smithfield meat market or the late Grt Marlbourgh st. What is the best bike for the job?.

Argubaly it’s going to be a Honda, although Kawa’s GT550/750 is and was a great workhorse with some modern features for a bike in it’s day. Digital fuel gauge springs to mind.

The list of possibles (feel free to add)

CG125CB250CB500NTV650Suzuki Bandit 600Yamaha Fazer 600Kawa GT550/750Africa Twin 750VFR750/800NT650 DeuvilleCBF500CBF600Pan Euro ST1100Keep em coming and why you think they deserve the crown.

For a 125cc I’d say a Derbi Senda 125

Why: Its single cylinder, liquid cooled engine still produces a nice 15hp. The bike was made to match the Varadero but with more agility. It essentially can do all the varadero can but better. It is kind on fuel, reviews seem to be all good. One long term review had the bike untill 25,000 miles and it was still running well with minimal failures.

only ever riden the cbf 500 (test) and i had alot of fun on it every now and again you would get stuck at lights and get to give it the beans to catch up :slight_smile:

im sure its dead reliable and thats my choice

Hope no one suggests the cx500. I had one for a short while and it is a horrible bike, heavy, thirsty, slow, **** brakes. Couriers seemed to love them in the eighties tho’.

seen a few on SV1000’S & 650’S

the 650 be good, its reliable…cheap to run, insure, maintane etc

i only ever used CBF500’s for courier work…good fun if a little borin on the open road:)

I haven’t done the job so am not really qualified to comment - but I reckon the old half faired Hornet - brilliant bike through heavy london traffic (very light and turns on a sixpence), Half fairing makes distance work easier. Very reliable, and most importantly will keep you entertained.

yup, seen enough hornets beign used as courier bikes, same engine in the CBF600 i think, and thats the bike thats replacing the CBF500 as company bikes.

Honda CX500 knock knock :slight_smile:

Had many i good years on one of them :slight_smile:

‘The Maggot’:smiley:

Yes, there were loads of CX500s couriering in the 80’s. Early 90’s there were loads of VT500s. Don’t see any of them now, but the Kwaka GT550s still seem to be going.