Best Anti-Corrosion Product?

Hi Everyone,

On Saturday I picked up a lovely Suzuki GSX600F, and unlike my old bike there is barely a spot of corrosion on it! :smiley:

I ride all year round and really don’t want to ruin it this winter as the roads become covered in an inch of salt, so does anyone know of any good anti-corrosion products which will help keep my fork legs / engine / wheels in good condition?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

ACF50 - expensive but there is no substitute - they use it to stop planes rusting:)

+1 Magic stuff !:smiley:

Ah I had the same query like you only a month ago…

… and I only just bought my ACF-50 this w/e! :slight_smile:

Paint all the metal bits with Hammerite. Its very good but looks a bit pants.

+1 brilliant stuff, have used it for a few winters now really does work

Thanks for all of the replies, it looks like i’ll be getting some ACF-50 pretty soon then!

Lol, I like my bike the colour it is so I’ll give the Hammerite idea a miss :P:D

Degrease bike, and rinse in cold water. Warm ACF50 to room temp in warm water or near a radiator. Get a small paint brush. Spray some ACF50 into the lid or a small bowl. Brush it on all the surfaces you want to protect. Brilliant stuff. My 9 year old Triumph still looks good on the metal parts even with all year round riding.

Agree with that. I put my can on the radiator for about 15 minutes before use. I ACF50’d my BBQ about 14 years ago - never been covered - Looks like new!:w00t:

The another option is to put it in the garage, lay it up properly, and wait for spring.

Or buy an Italian bike, like me, and watch the finish fall off even with ACF50 on it.

Bet that makes the sausages and burgers taste REALLY lovely, :sick:

You bet!:w00t:

and it makes a great aftershave too… just spray it behind the ears and see the girls swoon…:cool: