Best advert in the world...EVER!!!!

God ide forgotton about this gem…and the moment it popped in my head i had to look for it…lol…hope you get a big cheesy grin like i just did watching it…


I remember that :laugh:

just found this one too…ahhhhh!!!:w00t:



Remember the joke? Death by Um Bongo?;):smiley:

ohhh…they just keep on rolling


Which LB member does this remind you of?:smiley:

if you cold merge terry and tugs togeather…you’d get that phuckin thing…lol…


Brought back loads of memories, and i didn`t know are very own Terry was an actor.:stuck_out_tongue:

she looks like pompey tim!!!:D:w00t:


ha ha…brilliant…adora !! makes you bounce your head !!!:smiley:

Do they still make these?

jesus…forgot abot them…lol

pack luch favs of mine they were…


Looks like I’ve been rumbled, that’s why I had to move to London, too many people down south kept stopping me in the street and asking for autographs, I got canned from the campaign when I fell over and hurt my ankle in rehearsals, well you try dancing in high heels and a skirt!!

Oh the shame of it… :Whistling:

Wow, talk about a flashback, is that John Peel and Derek Griffiths doing the voice over on that ad?


That’s one for !

Oh how about this one!

Saw these in Tesco’s the other day:

You are truly connoisseurs of great TV ads!

But does anyone remember the Flake ads? The sexiest ads ever, with great music. Each ad is a brilliant example of the sexual imagery, music and style of the decade.


Flake girls. Hmm, teenage fantasy. Strange how they don’t do 'em anymore after possibly due to the ticking off by the ASA for the tongue on the chocolate. To suggestive! :w00t:


Now I can’t get that bloddy tune out of my head! :pinch: