Best -£200 Scooter Moped for London

Have you tried riding a friend’s moped? These things are built for city speeds, maybe an A road, not 60+mph.

If you want ‘fast’ a moped is not for you. A two-stroke 125cc might be your best bet, but not for £200. Have you thought of insurance etc? Bicycles are very handy at uni you can keep them in your room.

Il echo that… You will need to spend at least £800 on a two stroke 125 if you want something with any poke at all, I have a GSXR750k4 for weekends but have just found meself a mint gilera runner 180sp which does 90mph and flys.

(Obviously 90mph on 13ins wheels is silly)

Your 21--------------> Do your test mate.


basically there’s no way you’d get anything decent for £200. You might get a secondhand chinese 50cc but that rules out any 60mph trips (you’d be lucky if it did 40mph).

I paid just over £1000 for my 250cc scooter a year or so ago, it was 5 years old with lowish mileage. A good low mileage 125cc 4 stroke runner might be had for £800 but they are thief magnets unfortunately so invest in some good security if you get one.