Best 1000cc sports: Kawa, Suzuki or Yahama from 2006-2008 models????

Any suggestions, comments, points to look out for on these models please? Best years, maintenance issues? Thanks in advance

If I bought a new litre bike it would be a fireblade without doubt.

'08 fireblade in black with a ‘taylormade’ exahust. all day every day.
fast, smooth, rider friendly, reliable.

I like the black/burgendy…

I had 2 Hondas in a row already so fancy a change

R1 2008 I’m biased though, in blue and white gold wheels and forks. Wanna buy it?

GSXR K5 is supposed to be a blinding model by all accounts. Though this is out of the years you requested, I have heard so many good things about it, thought it was worth mentioning.

Ive seen it! Its lush. Tempting. “Dear Mr Bank Manager…”

why dont you get down to an aprilia or ducati show room let them show you what looks better:)

ALWAYS had GSXR’s, well with the odd 916, SP1, CBR, R1, RSV thrown in

But just bought a ZX10R, C1 so its a bit earlier than your dates but its not the softer heavier later model, full power beastie

I would also seriously consider a K8 GSXR750 - for the money can’t see much out there that is better for the road. Suzuki Kevs blue/white/black one is lovely and goes like stink :cool:

Best looking bike ever made…but I’m slightly biased too :smiley:

not for me, too wide at the front, not keen on the tail either… each to thier own though :slight_smile:

Best looking bike will always be the 998 ducati

GSXR1000 K5/K6 generally acknowledged to be the best bikes of that era - you have no idea how much it pains me to say that :smiley:

K5/K6 still command higher prices when available.

Sorry, its the K6 Phantom that Im thinking of that I think is lush.

for price perfomance and reliability out of the 3 the gixxer come out on top :slight_smile:

GSXR K7/8 all the way, but then I’m a little biased, serves me well though, good in town, and riding like a loon elsewhere, reliable, comfy, good for 400 ish miles a week. No complaints yet.

I agree with you, along with a few other Italian beauties…but that’s not what the lady was asking. Besides, down the straight, most 1000cc Jap fours will leave the Italians in their wake. :smiley:

Out of the choice of three, I’d probably go for the R1…I just love the looks of that generation. :slight_smile:

how about a GSXR1000, in special paint, with only two laps of the TT course done by kevin schwantz plus a signed tank?


Sure, you gonna chip in? :wink: