Berrington-Smith Motorcycles - Rob's Leaving Do

Not sure how many of you guys have had your bikes serviced by Rob, but I’ve seen his name mentioned here so thought I would post this up.

Rob is shutting up shop and going back to SA to manage an off-road race team (albeit of the 4 wheeled variety). I’m not going to give any details - come find out for yourself. Rob was not only my mechanic (and I’m VERY picky about who works on my moto), but has also become a personal friend - I suspect this is the case with quite a few of his customers.

He is having his farewell this Saturday at the Spinning Wheel (where else? ). He will be there from around 7pm. To get there, take the tube to Northfields Station and it should be on your right hand side when you come out.

Rob’s mobile if you want to get hold of him - 07734915536.