Berik Race Suit

Berik 3256 1 piece race suit for sale…worn very rarely, altered by LB’s own WASP (shorter arms and shorter legs) Size 42! Comes with velcro strip to attach the included letters for your name on the back.

£150 anyone?



Any takers??? I’ll throw in the matching gloves that have been worn less than 5 times for whoever buys this suit

Blimey! That suit looks brand new.

I have to say that it is almost immaculate! Don’t get me wrong, i’m not desperate to sell but i can’t justify having a 2 piece AND 2 1 pieces

If I was to mark it out of 10 i’d give it 8.5

How much have the arms and legs been shortened by? As a guide, how tall are you?

If someone was to buy it would they have to change there name to Gaz or Gary?

I’m 5’7 and the suit has been shortened so that it’s comfortable to wear inside boots and gloves

Ha ha not at all…the letters are meerely velcro’d on. The suit comes as standard with all letters A through to Z and a leather cover strip included

Are these leathers still available?

Im quite interested, just unsure if they will fit due to size modifications.

If not, Ive found a good deal on a new set for £250. Are they good leathers? Is that a good price?

Well I paid close on £600 for mine new…

I’ve also just realised after looking properly that they are a 44 not 42 as previously stated

The alterations have made the sleeves and legs slightly shorter thats all, how tall are you??

Thats good because I am inbetween a size 42 and 44.

I am 5’10".

Where abouts are you located?

I’m in Walton-On-Thames in Surrey

How much do you want for them?

Do you have other letters to velcro to the back?


Yes all of the letters and the leather strip to cover up the velcro are all there

And don’t forget i make lettering and numbers with the velcro on so if you need extra i can assist:D

shame they too small for a fat git :slight_smile: would require a complete herd of cows to modify them :smiley:

Now sold ladies and gents…

Many thanks to Paul600

Bo**ocks! I live down the road from you. and they sound the exact right size! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!