Beowulf Exhaust for R6


First post so be gentle!

I’ve got an R6 (2003 model) and looking at getting a Beowulf Warrior Carbon Fibre silencer. Basically i love the look of it and think the triangular shape will really suit the rear end of the bike.

Has anyone had any experiences with Beowulf or comment on how they sound compared to others?



Hi Ollie! welcome to the forum. Can’t help you with the exhaust question but i’m sure someone will be along to help asap:) Please stick up a post in the newbie section for your own good or grumpy johnp might be after you;)

im on my second beowulf after the first got bent in a small rear end shunt. i cant fault them.

Thank you both. I guess as they are covered by a lifetime guarantee they must be pretty good.


Had a Beowulf silencer put on my 600 Bandit last year which i bought from Excel show, sounds fantastic and added a couple of HP, also seemed to be smoother when feeding in the fuel.:slight_smile:

Been wanting to get an aftermarket exhaust for my 03 reg R1 for some time now. So expensive though. I had a Harris on my last Y reg R1 and that sounded so sweet.

Anyway rambling on here … looking at this thread I had a look on the internet and i’ll be getting myself a Beowulf sometime soon. Question is which. I like the below 200 price tag so it’ll have to be the stainless steel or matt black powder coated, stubby or standard length, oval or round. So little money so much choice :slight_smile:

Any ideas on which will look best on a Blue 03 R1. The pics they have on their site dont correspond with the makes and models.