Reading some of the posts on here - Bennetts taking out loans in someone elses name. Bennetts illegally renewing insurance when it’s been cancelled, refusing to pay out on claims, holding onto bank details, refusing to return money they have illegally confiscated - I am stunned!! How do they keep their custom? Good marketing?

Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered, the amazing array of excuses they gave for failing to return my money was remarkable.

Keth, I am appalled by their response to you, take it further, as Steve suggests.

Bikers Boycott Bennetts I say!!

what has really pissed me off is i phone the traffic dept of the poice to get details of the other person …to be told the reg and who owns it ,it’s a company in cornwall …so i decide to phone them and give them grief

only to find out that they had sold it … luckily via BCA (british car auctions) and call to them found that they had sold the van on the 19th of june (it happened on the 27th) and they could furnish my solictior with the current owners details on recipt of a fax from him … so at least it moving on , no thanks to bennetts though

doing the police’s job again …why don’t they know all this …still not heard from them