Bennetts Insurance....PRAISE

Yep! I’m not joking or pulling your leg. I might need a lie down but they did a good thing - well they did what they were supposed to do - and that’s something!!!

Anyway a recent conversation with them caused me to be amazed at the following:

They were helpfull

They were cheap

They did what they said they would do and the docs turned up and they were right too!

Still time for something to go wrong but fingers crossed!!!

well, i had a bad time with them, first i was mis-quoted for my new fazer, and then my insurance doubled!!! so i stayed with Insure and go, and its cost me £50 extra to change details over, they were helpful, my excess has dropped by £50, and my overall quote for the year tpft is £480!! bargain!

I pay £235 fully comp on my SV thou… does that make sense? Something must be up, or I am just screwey?

This is what surprised me you see. Last time they were totally useless…