Bennetts Babes Launch 2010

Further to our recent news story introducing the hunt for Bennetts Babes 2010 featuring the fetching Nicole T and an equally fetching Ducati, the lovely people at Bennetts’ PR company have sent me some extra photos not released with the original story.

So lap’em up :slight_smile:

Also there’s a video of behind-the-scenes at the launch






She could sit on my helmet anytime! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry folks! Had to get in there first! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Does she come with the bike?

reckon the 1198 would look a lot better without the big headed moose on it.

She’s dwarfed by the 1198 - she must be very petite! :wink:


Do fake tits and no a$$, still sell bikes, or insurance? :unsure:

:stuck_out_tongue: must resist… too many innuendos… tee hee :smiley:

I was blinded by those red knee’s!!:w00t:

do they need any more photographers lol i can point and shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

carpet burns ? :smiley:

I was going to say the same thing, all that photoshoping and they couldn’t sort that out. school boy error really… always make sure carpet burns happen after the shoot or at the casting :wink:

What will you be pointing? :smiley:

Can’t say I noticed…