Benefits of riding in the rain

My leather jacket needed cleaning but after going out for a blast in the rain its pretty much done the job for me :smiley: Hasnt done very well at cleaning my bike though, might just have to do that myself… only problem is i have to much fun riding rather than bothering to clean it :w00t:

makes you a very smooth rider :wink: or familiar with the good ole bucking bronco brigade :wink:

Had an interesting moment in light rain the other morning - I cracked open the throttle at over the ton - while at the exact same moment going over 50 yards of smooth tarmac (laid down in a recent road repair) I briefly lost traction on the rear wheel which sent a shimmy down the length of the bike - when I was back on the regular road surface everything was fine.

Yesterdays weather was strange - Soho last night resembled a scene from Bladerunner - Monsoon rainfall, lots of neon lights, strangely dressed people scurrying about, bikes, cars and rickshaws fighting for space in the narrow streets - Chinese people on Flat screens in shop windows - this may sound mad but if you remember the street scenes in Bladerunner - you’ll know what I’m on about - Bladerunner was made in 82 - looks like the future came true! - particularly the prediction of unusually heavy rainfall patterns - the rain was so heavy in town last night - while waiting at the lights on the bike I saw young women screaming while running for shelter from the downpour!

Saw someone yesterday riding down the road in heavy traffic in the rain on a sports bike, absolutely PIN it on purpose at slow speed, lose traction at the rear, out of the seat nearly over the bars and under my wheels! What a tw*t…

He won’t be doing that again in a hurry! If you’ve been riding mostly in the dry for a few weeks and have been enjoying laying the bike down in bends, pinning the throttle at every available opportunity (e.g. when there is no one in the way etc.) - it can usually take a moment like this to recalibrate your riding style. I’ve definitely toned things down a bit now things are getting wetter.

That must’ve looked great, Sid. I can picture it exactly! :slight_smile:

If the Goodyear blimp had been flying overhead, all lit up, it would’ve been perfect…

Too right 5150! :wink: Looks like the future has happened!

I don’t mean to be rude sid, but you, mate, are very luck to be here.

Is it me or just old age…100mph + rain = coffin???

Glad you made it and even so bet it looked good :hehe::cool:

I was going a bit quick on the A406 this afternoon and had to stop sharpish for a traffic queue - locked the front up and had a bit of an underwear moment. The North Circ is like a skidpan in the wet sometimes.

The rain was so heavy Thursday coming back from brands that even I couldn’t go any faster than 50mph. Visibility was diabolical and the spray and standing water made for a very tense ride home.

You’re absolutely right hkdloz mate. It caught me out and made me think - I’ve definitely toned things down a bit since then - if i’d binned it at that speed i’d have been in serious bother and wouldn’t have looked very clever. :wink:

Was it just me, or was there an incredible amount of diesel out on the roads today?? Everywhere I looked there were patches all over the place… worse than normal I thought thought!

It has felt very slippery lately - or maybe I’m just paranoid? :crazy:

Nope don’t think your paranoid, it has seemed a might slippy out there

And now the boring bit.

Anyone noticed how all of a sudden your petrol consumption has gone down?

I normally fill up once a week but I’ve got a third of a tank left this week. Yup, I’m Captain Slow in the rain.

The best thing about riding in the rain is the summer riders leave their bikes at home.
Less insaniacs + more road space = happy mole. :slight_smile:

I was on the M4 going west arount 1930 on Thursday… I just quit and for the side roads as I could not see **** and the spray were terrible…
Leathers are still not recovered as yet

If I knew you were that easy to satisfy, I would have giver it a try…:smiley:

Not this call sign, i had to fill up 3 times already today and im off out for some more fun in abit. I actualy do more distance when its wet cause nobody else comes out to play so i just keep on going :smiley:

Looks to me like everyone is a summer rider. Ive seen about 4 bikes out today and thats it. Nobody at the BCR meet, nobody at Finchingfield… nobody anywhere apart from some loon on a moto pulling wheelies in the wet :smiley:

Nah, I was out a few times this week. Nice-n-early mostly and out the other afternoon in the monsoon!:smiley: Wet riding is fun, the fun just happens at a bit slower speeds. Its still about balancing the grip to my bottle!:smiley:

I think that MD was out one Sunday in the snow!:hehe: