ben spies - youve gotta see this

love this :D:D:D:D:D

anyone fancy riding the whale

the last bit says it all !!!:w00t:

right, gotta get me a pussy to stroke before i go on track next time, and ind also its now makes sense brands hatch is a cobra

Shanghai circuit looks like Kenneth Williams.

5150 - ahahaaha nice one!


Ooohhh! I say! How very obtuse of you!

edit - actually watched the video now!

Hahaha! That’s great, especially the end!
Props to Yamaha for coming up with this one and the ‘Day at the Office’ vid of the MotoGP riders!

I just enjoyed watching Spies mmmmmmmmm - s3xy

loved that. want to go back and ride the whale!

…that sounds so wrong…like a the bad end to a night out in a local nightclub :smiley: