Ben Godfrey: British Superbike rider dies aged 25 after Donington Park crash

Some sad news unfortunately:

Very sad. I saw on the socials from people who had spoken to him only the day before at another trackday, seems he was getting in lots of practice for the new start of the season.

That’s very sad news.

Damn, it’s one thing dying during a race event (and lets be honest motor sports over the years have claimed a lot of people), but a track day. That’s really crap.

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another lad died at snetterton the other week apparently … booked in mid july there …always makes you think …there but for the grace of God.

May God grant ease to Ben’s family and elevate his status in the parc ferme in the sky

Damn. That’s bad. You sometimes hear about trackday death’s but they’re normally one or so a year, not two in quick succession.