Bemsee @ Brands recently (many pictures)

When LB went to support a few fellow members and their racing efforts, we took a load of photos, though only Cezar’s were published in a gallery, and for one reason or another, mine didn’t get included in this, so I thought I’d add them here for people to glance over, rather then them being lost in my personal collection forever. I didn’t feel a second gallery, this long afterwards was appropriate.

Sorry if this slows your computer down, it’s a long post

Jay, friend looks like we were at the same place pointing to the xsame things… only difference in thta you can set up you camera better than I do… You have to show how to use it mate!

great pics

I have offered to help you out, but your camera is quite different to mine, I’ll have to read the manual briefly I bet you’ve not read the manual yet, hehehe?

Cheers for posting up the pics Jay. Fancy a job next year?