BEMSEE Brands Hatch

A few shots from the early today.






Cool photos PJ - hope all did well :slight_smile:

All i can tell you at this stage is that Leon managed to get a 6th place in the first race followed up a 4th in the second race.
Pouty managed 2x 3rd places Nice.
Not sure about Gabi unfortunately but i will try and find out and let you know.

They are all racing again tomorrow at Brands, another 2 races, so if you fancy a ride out and watching some club racing then get yourselves along. I think its £13 on the gate. Leon is in the last garage in the pits and Gabi and Paul are in the lower paddock right near Hawthorns cafe against the far fence.

Thanks for the update PJ :slight_smile: Am very tempted to pop down, and will see if Miss Plum is still planning a ride.

Hope my arms have recovered from the Learn2Wheelie day we had today :slight_smile:

How did that go? Did you manage to get it up hahaha

Ha ha :smiley: Yep, thanks! Really good. Think I’ll put a bit more detail in “praise” section in a bit :slight_smile:

Hi PJ and all,

I thought to update this thread with some photos from today. Some great action and well done to all the Lbers taking part. Darn shame Leon came off, after making such a good start - getting up to 4th.

You can see some of the racing and tussles below between Pouty (62) and Leon (66) ending with Leon disappearing and Pouty finishing 4th I believe. Seeing #22 looking surprised as Leon overtook was fun :slight_smile:

Great to finally see Gabby on track too. The sidecars were a fun bonus too, amongst the other racing. This yellow one almost spun out in front of us, before recovering. Simon from OMC got a great shot of that, if he posts :wink:










nice shots Alex, thanks for posting them up.

Some sweet shots there. Keep posting them up.