Beloved SV650S got stolen!!!

Last seen it 28/06 around 9pm, Parked in my flat’s underground car park and CHAINED to the rail. Found its been taken this morning!!

Its a Black SV650S with Monsters stickers on the sides and a Carbon fibre Scorpion can,

and raised 45mm. easy to spot.

Reg: SN08 EUY

If you think its the one, please contact police and me asap.

my number is 07766888591

Thank you


Sorry to hear that - did you have CCTV in the car park?

Also - if you wouldn’t mind sharing whether they cut the rail/chain?

Crap hope you get paid out quickly what area was it parked?

That’s bad news mate. Hope it turns out good for you.

Thanks guys, I found a piece of my chain on the floor, seems you got some pro tools to cut it.

I am in Isle of dog. seems not a so good area. people get stabbed in the building, and we got a live-in drug dealer in our block too. lol :smiley:

We have a metal gate, can only operate by remote control. don’t know how they got in tho, CCTVs are for show propose only, that’s what I’ve been told by neighbors. :hehe:

somebody rang my buzzer last night, but I didn’t answer as I didn’t recognise who and it was really late.

just had a chat with my insurance, been told gota wait between 1-2 weeks before I can get any payout.

I put down 3k as the value of the bike, even I paid 3.5k and some mods. how much will they pay out then? 3k or current market value?

first time, feel gutted. hope police can find those scumbags quickly.

from experience I have always had a very good offer on initial value of the vechiles, but depending on your policy depends on wether they will pay for mods, but you never know they might just payout the £3.5 so see what happens.

Seriously poo luck for you though fella especially with bike season almost upon us.

Ah gutting, hope you get some news

Nuts. Really sorry to hear that Jun.

I used to have a little SV650S too. Loved those baby v-twins. Very popular. Not stolen to order surely?! They’re way too cheap to go to such efforts to steal shirley to misery goodness!

How thick is your Mammoth lock? Did you only have the one lock on it?

That really sucks. You know, either the building maintenance guys or the residents with dodgy links are usually the ones to do these kind of inside jobs.

Nice of them to leave you a bit of your chain. At least that way you have something to show your insurance company - hopefully they’ll listen.


they arent normal the choice of thieves…may have been taken for parts? or as some SV’s have…ben stolen to order to be turned into a track or race bike.

hope it comes back to you:)

OH MY GOD!:-O! Im speechless! That must be the most gut-churning feeling seeing the bike gone! You had it for sale as well right? that makes it even worse! I just hope you get paid out quickly to get whatever you were after “if” you did get to sell it.

Insurance company will pay out market value or the insured value, whichever one is lesser. Since you insured it for £3k I don’t see how the insurance company will payout a higher value than this. I could be wrong but doubt it.

Kak news hun. I’ll keep an eye out for you.

they also have a few official lists of values and will give you the cheapest one. you shouldn’t accept this and ask to speak to a manager


Jun- sorry about this hope you get your bike back

given the secure access to the car park…possibly an inside job?!?

Bear in mind that they’ll also then subtract your excess from that figure too.

Bad news, hope they pay without too much hassle.

sorry bad news that, hope it go your way soon.

Hope you find the bike geez, and also hope the police find the [email protected] that took it!

Like said it’s probably not stolen to order… a friend of mine had his SV650 stolen over in Dartford way. Police found it a week later while doing a drugs raid on someone’s house… it was in the fellas front room! :blink:

My guess is that they stole it to fund buying drugs or something… or to maybe use in a smash and grab shop front raid. Id probably think your bike hasn’t gone too far from the surrounding area so best to keep a good eye out and about.

Sorry to hear mate…I guess it’s time to move out…drug dealers…stabbings…BIKE THEFT!!!