Belly Pan for Hornet

I am looking for a belly pan for my 1998 Hornet. I saw this one on ebay shop coming from Portugal

And I would like to know if any of you have used those guys and what you recon about it.

Many thanks

s’alright. quite a lot of plastic there though. i got the original honda one as it’s not such a big expanse of placcy and you still see a good portion of the down pipes etc. up to you matey. it’s your bike, your choice. but if you want my opinion, don’t go spoiling your nice naked bike with a shite load of plastic! save your money for decent tyres/suspension upgrades/trackdays/high class prostitutes/drugs :wink:

I’m going to go for the Skidmarx one - only option in my opinion -

The weather protection it offers and the styling it gives are certainly worth it!

I had this one on my old hornet, fitted well and looked good. I also fitted mesh behind the side holes which made it crisper!!

Just what I was thinking fo doing as well! :wink:
If I can, I’d like to get it before the really bad weather sets in!

I still have a black ermax? bellypan for a 600 hornet think i’ve got the brackets kicking about as well:P

I’ve also got a yellow skidmarx one:P