Bell Ringing (of sorts)

F*cked if I know what they are saying but…


It has to be asked

What was you looking for to find this :ermm:

so you aint got much on at work then I take it, Rusty lol.

I’m guessing he’s hit his quota for the month

yeah it is that time of the month again !!!

I’ll be out and about around the Blackwall Tunnel on Monday, new month, new quota, best I be riding in Bike Safe mode :Whistling:

Secret Policemans ball(s)?:smiley:

hahahahhahahahaha brilliant :smiley:

Nah, can’t take the Kudos for this one…believe it or not it was sent to me by my mother :blush:

Monday, you will be safe as I am at Bromley Mags…Tuesday though I will be looking :wink: