Believe the Hype LONDON MOONWALK 2010 - Outriders Wanted!

As You are aware from a previous post only a few days ago that the Guvna is back this time with a BOOM!!, Its been a while since I spoke to Barro, but Sunday afternoon I get a message through facebook with his number so I bell him up and after a brief catch up He told me his plans for summer 2010. If you read the other thread then you know its to do with the Breast cancer London Moonwalks.

Now if your an LB old skooler and took part in the BCW 1 or 2 then you know how good these weekends were especially the BCW 1, If you didn’t or you wasn’t around then this is your chance to be part of something special the best thing you can do with a tank of petrol and your bike This is the ultimate feel good factor I kid you not!! The Barro is working along side the organisers and promised them the best volunteer safety crew this side of the Arctic circle which of course they have lapped up, Now who are we to let him or them down??? Your job as part of this safety crew is to mark and monitor key points of the route as the last of the walkers come past your point you will moved on to another point. But more importantly you are there for encouragement, support, have a laugh with the walkers and get behind them 100% YOU ARE THE MOTIVATION they need.

Both BCWs we were told repeatidly by walkers at the end of the event that we made the whole thing more bearable, so I can tell you this is no Hollow task on your part you will be noticed thanked and the event will stay with you long after, You will be going up and down like a frog in a box for days!!

This is a Big thing to put together and Barro has a few team Players to help him I was not expecting him to ask me for help but he did with no hesitation on my part so my job is to create the interest and recruit willing bikers to give up a weekend on the 15th May… Know any???

Stick your interest on This thread so we have a record of names to go through obviously there are a few key players out there that have a space reserved but there’s plenty of spaces to be filled.

Please don’t clog the thread up with ****, I only want to know your interested, Not that you would love to do it But that weekend your taking your Granny to Skegness!!

Hold on to your questions, More details will follow…

Believe The Hype now get on it!!!:smiley:

On it mate

Count me in… :slight_smile:

Naturally :wink:

im in :slight_smile:

Im in :wink:

do we have a date yet?

Me and my polish friends on it!!! I’m glad to see that it will happen this year

Sounds good! It’s booked in :slight_smile:

i’m in

Im in.

can someone post a link for Youtube that DOESNT involve socks and lino when you search moonwalk !

Sorry my bad go to youtube walk the walk - who we are

I’m in.

Me too please!

15th May with a start and finish point being Hyde Park . ( there will be various rendezvous points in advance to get anyone there who doesn’t know the way :wink: )

Volunteer crew meeting times will be arranged and advised in due course :wink: If you wanna get an idea of what this year will all be about take a look at this .

hold on… i just realised this is the moonwalk… doesnt this take place over the course of the night? :errm:

Well done " Sherlock " :wink:


:pinch: doh!

Poor old Pan…

He was hoping to get an excuse to wear his Michael Jackson outfit one last time…

You still can but lucky for us it will be dark


got a special white Spada glove aswell!!

But of course you have… :slight_smile: