being pulled for Visor?

have you ever been pulled for having a illegal visor? as in blue iridium or woteva…

and what was the penalty if any?


You`ll only get pulled if you wear one at night.

but if they catch you doing something else stupid and are in a bad mood/you are less than polite answering to them, they might just had it to your bill for the sake of it as this is still illegal…

i leave my dark visor on all the time never had any trouble

Been told about it once but as said before, only as part of a bigger nick ya know “and while we are here you should not be wearing that” etc etc

a few years back they had a big sting on visors but they dont seem to be bothered anymore. Just keep a clear one in your jacket for safety


thanks fella’s

sold your R1 yet?

Don’t get me started on black visors at night:Whistling:

You’d be unlucky to get pulled just for a dark visor - ACPO guidelines seem recommend only stopping in low light situations where vision is impaired.

As for wearing dark visors at night - why would you do that ? I’ve been caught out a couple of times, and it ain’t much fun riding around hardly being able to see a thing.