Being prepared for cold & snow this winter.

After last years cold and snow nuisance I got myself prepared for this winter.

Bought some new thermals and bought and broke in some new gloves this autumn. (Lord, I hate new gloves.) Re proofed the old trousers, bought a new pair in case the old ones still leak in the nether region, dug out the neck tube from behind the socks, found the silk glove liners too.

Then I got me a decent snow shovel and a bag of road salt. Mixed the salt 50/50 with sharp sand and stored it, nice and dry, in a plastic dustbin which currently resides in the front hall. (Where else?)

Never been better prepared. So: Probably no snow this winter.

+1. Just not to the extent you have gone through. Had to do the same for the company I worked for. Which as of last week has now closed…
Its been a pretty warm winter so far. No that it’s come this far I hope it stays that way.

Looking forward to our summer…

Start preparing for next winter and with a little bit of luck we might have a repeat of this year :slight_smile: