Being Forked!

Well, weeping seals and spongy front end. Took bike to my friend’s place and we stripped them down, gave the stantions a gentle rubdown with oil and WD paper to smooth out the travel area as there were a few chips in the chrome. Smooth now.

That stinky grey emulsified oil was reallly bad. Gungy and with lumps. Cleaned all components, blew them dry with air compressor and then reassembled them. Simple enough, but requiring gentle delicacy. Fresh 10W, new seals, new dust seals and away you go!

Front end of the bike is transformed. Smoother handling and feels way firmer and positive. Held a much better line though one of the longer sweeping corners.

Only downside is that it highlights just how awful the buggered rear shock is as the preload adjuster is stuck on the lowest setting.

So we are thinking of whipping it out and seeing if it will free up. Next trip will hopefully get that done.

Friends are great!

Oh and an afternoon of plinking cans and match boxes with an airgun pistol. Glad to say that I can still hit things!