BEHOLD! The new beast.

Behold!! The new whip. Road legal pitbike. Wheelie machine in first and second… weighs less that a cup of tea and wants to perminantly look to the sky :slight_smile:

Shes a sexy beast.

You jelly Nivag? :wink:




Flame spitter :Wow:

want! stoopid!

Upside down forks, wavey discs, upgraded shock, bigger engine, carb etc, supermoto wheels, slamming some knobblies on there for the snow and offroad fun, zorst thats louder than my nans tv and loads of other bits… splendid.

Only thing thats gonna get me is its all up gears…lol

I like it, lighter than a cup of tea and louder than Nans TV

This may need checking

It looks as if the front and rear sprockets are out of alignment, or is it camtrickery

Its quite possibly the camera angle as all of it is in order :slight_smile:

cheers for the heads up though. Will double check tomorrow.

Very nice :slight_smile:

Nice bike

I think it’s cos the puddle jumper has been leant on it’s sidestand on that direction , so the chain has flopped over to that side .

Proptrickery :ermm:


Now go touring. :wink:

Hey… you may joke but I know its been done! On one a lot less powerful and chinese too! Haha

That looks serious fun. What size engine was it and what is it now? Is it an 80cc???

you should check out these guys: may have some bits be good for you to get :wink:

and if you want to upgrade the engine or any bits go see these guys:

they know there **** whens it comes to pit bike pimped my 50 out just before xmas is a beast now :slight_smile:

Naa… its a 140 :slight_smile:

I mean… a 125 cough cough :Whistling:

Wow!! No wonder it likes to throw it’s front end up!

I can honestly lift the bike by myself… its a demon. :cool:

It looks like a corker!! Gonna have to get a photo next to my KTM lol

You know it! Its just shorter than a blade lol. It’ll look like your bike gave birth to mine hahahahahaha