Behold The Bat!

Hello LB! Would like to introduce myself and my girlfriend Suzie. My name is Rafal, quite new in London, still tryin’ to get used to riding on the left lane Hope to meet you all @ Cubana, just wondering if it’s possible to get there around 12 PM? Well, bats are known as the symbol of the night and its foreboding nature…

Looking for a good poke

Welcome to LB and London Rafal & his better half, how does it feel riding on the right side of the road?

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

Right side? You’d feel great, mate, something like permanent filtering / overtaking

Good on ya Bat; welcome to LB. See ya both at Cubana or on another ride sometime maybe. Keep ya boots on the ground and ignore the duck!

Hey ya bat!

welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hey Rafal and Suzie, welcome to LB! 12pm, or 12am? Either way, it’s a bit out of hours, most people are at Cubana for 6-11pm. Hope you can still make it though. Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum!

A warm welcome to LB from me.

Hello, good evening and welcome.

Welcome my acoustically capable friend.