Behave on the A40 flyover out of London

Two nice policemen were testing their radar gun up there this afternoon. I was pootling along on my little scooter so no problem there, made an Audi TT driver slam thee anchors on pretty sharpish!

Thanks for the call… where exactly?
They must have made many victims, 99% of London goes over 40 mph there :ermm:

they were out westbound just before the white city flyover at about 6. likely to be around there for a while

Thanks for the heads up. I use this on my way out and do tend to go with the flow so to speak :frowning:

they’ve been there on and off for years. nothing new.

They were on an overbridge on the M4 taking on westbound traffic this morning. Lots of cars slamming on brakes…nervous 14 days for moi but then the Honda has no front numberplate.

Does anyone know if those cameras on A40 from park royal to m40 work?

I’ve seen them flash often- I’ve not had a letter from the nice enforcement people yet though.

Well when I am gently obeying the 40’s and 50’s, everyone else and their Mum is doing at least 20% over the limit, so my guess is no. I’m enjoying the cheaper insurance found after shedding 9 points so am going to stick to the law for as long as I can.