Behave around Bicester or else

Behave on the outskirts of Bicester and places West of it.

Radar guns and camera vans are around. No bother to us today as we were all behaving very nicely, but we know not everyone is so lucky:Whistling: We had the opportunity of exhibiting to a nice policeman on a bike how a group can ride at 59 mph in a 60 until he got so bored he went off looking for naughty boys & girls. :cool:

Looks like I made the right choice to ride with the equally well behaved TheOC & Co Ltd.

There was none of that ‘close to the edge’ riding around my back yard. We had an L plater in tow and demonstrated perfect motorcycle craft all day long. Riding at least 10 mph below the posted 50 mph speed limits as we passed by the A406 Safety Cameras. The only nice policeman we saw all day observed an extremely well behaved group entering Great Dunmow at a most cautious 15 mph.

BTW those CBF125R’s are well nippy :wink:

Disclaimer ~ ‘Complete Nobber’ was not with us :Whistling: