Beginner Track days ?

I’m more of a steady as you go rider since the accident and watching you guys actually get your knee’s down is well beyond me ( where do you learn that anyway ? ) Don’t get me wrong like anyone else , I’ll get my head down and push the law and it’s fantastic, but light speed cornering! Now that not my thing I know my limits ( then again anyone can be fast in a straight line ) …
Does anyone know of a company that runs novice track days ?
I’m not really out for the speed of the day, I just want to play with the bike, shoot some film and not have to worry about some guy flying up the inside of me when I’m just meandering about… Id rather be in a beginners session or something, for me it’s not about how fast into a corner it’s just about really enjoying the day.

PS : ideally as well someone at Brands as it’s close
PPS : As I work from home I’ve got a lot of time to do what I want, if anyone is going to brands I’d love to go along and take some photo’s / video

Never done a track day, but it sounds like a good idea. Always ride how you feel comfortable as when you get out of your depth is when things go pete tong. Try and find someone of simular riding speed/experience and stick with them for a bit.

As for knee down, its not the end of the world. The fastest mate I have doesn’t get his knee down and he was wooping a whole lot of people on a fast group session at Donnington. Also only a little while ago I stuffed my motard round the outside of a bloke with his knee down like he weren’t moving and I’ve never had my knee down in my life. Them again its quite hard knee down from 6ft up in the air, but it can be done.

Start slow, get fast

Start fast, end up in a hedge

I Put my knee down only on few ocasions on track! You definetely don’t need to worry about that mate! It will happen soon or later as you get fast on track, even though only if you want so! When you get fast enough to have to toutch the floor you will know way before.

Dont’ worry about it. Every trackday is split into groups, with Novice being for…er… novices. My biggest piece of advice would be: enjoy yourself. I do quite a few trackdays and I don’t care if I’m not the fastest person, I don’t care if someone passes me. I’m there to have fun, and I’ll do that at my own pace and in my own time.

Anyway, I wrote a trackday FAQ a while ago. Have a look at it here:

I have only done 3/4 track days…

they were all at Brands and 3 of them were the Evening Indy Sessions… which were very good value - good amounts of track time and again split into 2 groups… SLOW & Fast

the other track day (full day) i did which i fully recommend was the Europeans Superbike School… that taught you how to position your body, lines, how to pick your braking points and by the end of the day because you have gained knowledge from previous racers and experienced track day riders you learn a lot quicker than just going onto a track and trying it out for yourself.

I would recommend going on a “school day” - ESS is no longer in operation but there are loads about and then going onto a trackday evening - not too expensive and give you about 3/4 20 minute sessions on the track for £69 - focused events (organiser)

you learn quickly on a track and just remember dont push it… there are always faster people than yourself… if you try and catch them you will crash, fall, run off the track into the kitty litter, or just do something stupid…

and the only stupid thing you do is to not ask for help… there are instructors on every trackday willing to help so ask them for lines and how to overcome fears, problems, becasue its all about technique rather than balls! if you know what your doing with the gears, cornering, lines, acceleration, then the speed comes naturally…

i only wish i worked from home and had enough time to do whatever i wanted too…then i would be able to be a better track rider… but as it is… i’m just out of the novice group and struggling to keep up in the intermediates… but time will tell…

good luck mate…and be careful… rather be slow than crash and risk losing all!


As the guys have said Lee, trackdays are all structured with three groups; novice, intermediate and advanced. Each group has instructors in it to provide you with 1-on-1 help, and it’s all strictly controlled, so the idea is that nutters will be kept off track and out of your way. It’s a very confidence-inspiring environment, especially when you go with friends.

Brands run loads of trackdays, and is a fantastic circuit to ride, with some real insane corners to have fun on (Paddock Hill, Druids, Clearways, etc!). Read Silvers guide and then think about doing one very soon, or next year. The weather will start to deteriorate quickly from here, so booking a trackday is ill-advised, unless you happen to enjoy wet-weather riding!

We’ll be co-ordinating our trackdays for next year on here, so keep an eye on the trackdays forum, and we’ll get you out there having fun in no time!

Things like getting your knee down comes with experience and speed. I couldn’t get my knee down on the road (and I never have, even now), but after about five trackdays, I was just going through a corner sufficiently quick enough that it touched down when hanging off the bike and sticking my knee out. It’s a big shock at first, as you’re not used to part of you touching the floor at speed, so you lift the bike up! Then again it happens and you freak out a little less, until you’re doing it on every corner.

The trouble here is, that as Cezar says, it slows you down, you try too hard to get your knee down, when you should be concentrating on going as fast as possible through the corner. So we hardly ever get our knee down on track now, but that’s not to say it isn’t fun, it’s loads of fun!

Lcaller… I still don’t get my knee down mate… It’s not that important… There are so many other things to learn about being out on track… That will come in time. It’s about learing the track, being smooth and getting into a good rythem… All these will make you faster and getting your knee down will come naturally…

Most of the track day companies cater for novices…

Brands was my first ever track day three years ago and is still my favourite track to date.

I can’t wait untill next year to get back out there…

As everyone else has said - track days are split across ability. There will be a group to suit you. Watch this space. Next year I may be instructing!

Do not worry about planting your knee down, it is not the be all and end all of biking. I know I do it but then I am going to race next year and I use my knee as a guide more than anything as to how far over I have got the bike. I quite often lift the knee slightly when it has got to terra firma as it can get a bit hot!

speechless - to many thanks you’s to dish out, so just a big



PS: who to book with ?

There’s no-one to avoid really Lee, they’re all competent and experienced. I see we have a new organiser on the forum called TrackMoto, perhaps we can arrange a member discount with them. Their prices are already VERY good.

Tony, for me, it was speed, just going through a corner faster, means you naturally lean more, and when you’re concentrating on looking through the current corner at the next one, that’s when it all happens naturally! I’ve never been one of those who think getting their knee down whilst the bike is upright, is cool, hehe.