Before my trackday question.....

im going to definitely book myself onto my first trackday in April at Brands Hatch in the next few days, my question is, i have a few things that need replacing on the bike. the clutch cable, and the chain/sprockets are on the way out and these are definitely being replaced in the next week or so.the other thing that needs replacing is the rear brake disc, obviously i wont replace this until the rear brake pads are starting to go, however if im planning on going on a track would it be better if i just changed the pads and brake disc before i go on track or will it be alright to leave?2nd Question : My leathers dont zip all the way round, its a 3/4 zip, im going to be booked with focused or no limits what do you reckon???

Don’t bother replacing it, i never use the rear brake on a track day:D

Seriously , i don’t use the rear brake at all :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if anyone else does though, anyone ? :wink:

I do…

But then I’m not a great track rider…too many bad habits from years of commuting…:smiley:

Rear brake is a great way to scrub off too much (bad planning) speed in a corner,
without unsettling the bike…

hmmm…maybe i’ll leave it then, the brake pads aren’t that old and the back break is still working i suppose i’ll just keep my eye on it incase i wreck it while commuting from now until april.

wooooO!!! im booking it tonight and will post back on here in case anyone wants to join me :slight_smile:

I use the Rear brake on the Road and Track. I would do everything to make sure your bike is in the best possible condition at all times. The Track riding will eat through parts a lot quicker than road riding. :smiley:

Seriously, you really don’t need the extra worry about something wrong with your bike (especially your first time out), there’s enough to think about already.

if the pads have alot of life in the maby just change the disk and put the old pads back in…any one object to that idear??

Personally i would make sure your brakes work well - all of them - whatever that means. You will have better peace of mind and believe me confidence is the biggest part of it. IF, in the unlikely event of it happening, your front brakes fail, having a rear brake that works will be your only option. Plus rear-braking works a lot better than front braking on slippery or grassy surfaces… I never use the rear brake on track, but I always make sure the option is there.

As to the zip-around, check with the track day company to be sure.

Things to also be careful of is ensuring your tyres are in good order (enough meat and not squared off) and at the correct pressure. There will be a tyre fitter at the track who can help you with the correct pressures taking into account the ambient temperature and the compound of your tyre.

I also suggest being comfortable doing some hard uphill cycling before you go - you will use similar muscles to moving around on the bike on track and it will mean you dont ache so much the day after.

Other than that - have fun! :smiley:

Invest in a tyre pressure gauge too so you’re not fighting to use what’s available.

Adzski (09/02/2010)

I do…

But then I’m not a great track rider…too many bad habits from years of commuting…:smiley:

Oh so true ,iv seen you crash vid:D

car eater (10/02/2010)

I thank you…:smiley:

That’s what I meant…

Too fast…grab the front brake…bike sits upright
and you end up off-roading.

I agree…God that hurt…:w00t:

just called no limits and focussed and both have said a 3/4 zip is fine :D:D:D

woops, posted to the wrong post

I really wanna do my first track day…probably gonna hire a bike though as i dont fancy the chance i might drop mine over doing it

last question i thinkIm assuming but maybe im wrong, that i should turn off my scottoiler before going on track to stop any kind of spillage/spray onto the wheel/track???

You could hire a bike, but you will be learning on someone elses (most places have r6’s) which will make the day feel a bit more alien, and it will more than double the cost of the day. You will only drop yours if you ride like an absolute loon, which given that you are nervous about dropping the bike, should not really happen :slight_smile: