Before anyone starts...............

Warm welcome back!


You dont need to come back on here to sort out the france trip you lying twat, could have just told Terry what to post… Admit it you love it here!:smiley:

Would say i missed you but that would be a lie!:laugh:

nugget glad your back miss your reach arounds :smiley:

Hmmm, it seems the tone of this place has gone to the dogs.

I like it! :smiley:

who are you?

Who me?

Watch it beardy! :stuck_out_tongue:

actually yeah, both of you then

Just need Jewell back and then ‘the circle will be complete’ lol

Welcome back fanny pack!

I’m now utterly confused, did you loose and find something? :smiley:

aaahhhhh! Jewell thats a very good idea!!!

where the heck is he?

Loved up and being weird!